About the Artist
       Maria Morales

Maria Morales  is an established artist creating modern abstract art. Born in Portugal, she emigrated to the US as a young child and currently resides in New Jersey. Maria received her BFA in Illustration from Parson’s School of Design in New York City. Throughout a career that spanned graphic design, print production, web design, computer graphics training, and technology strategy and research,  Maria tried to pursued her primary passion of creating art and is an internationally collected artist. 

Traditionally working in a realistic style using oil on canvas and wood, Maria has transitioned to abstract painting. Creating abstract work has been challenging and exciting and taken determination and hard work to reach the point of finally being happy with the results. Now creating art full-time in her studio, Maria’s work is mixed media using acrylic, collage, and a variety of mark-making tools. The artwork is comprised of multiple layers of paint, marks, collage, drawing, and textures. Color, values, composition, and shapes work to add interest to the work. Maria’s abstract paintings are a refection of her inner thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs. 

In the artist’s words:

“Creating art is a journey that fills me with excitement, peace of mind, and takes me away from the concerns and stresses of daily life.”     — Maria Morales

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